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makeup artist
Body Waxing,Leg waxing,  bikini wax
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Makeup Artist & Facial Specialist

Book our services for any events, Shine for Any Occasion.


Waxing Salon & Spa

Get the Confidence to Tackle Nature with a Clear Skin.

MG Luxury Salon & barbershop

Got A Hot date Coming up? Get a Fresh up at MG. Look your best, Always look your best

Fitness Apparel

Fitness Apparel

Beauty & Fashion

Home & Car Insurance

Are you part of the 5 % that does not save on insurance?

I have two questions:

1) Why is that?

2) How would you like to change that?

car insurance, home insurance

Get a quote for your web design, developing  your business  today.

Roof Repair & replacement.

Do you have a leaky roof? No? Just  Old?

What if I told you you could get a new roof for 0$ down and no payments for 18 months? And potentially save 30% on your insurance.

would you want a free estimate?

Roof repair, roof replacement


Fitness Lifestyle