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How to Learn Faster and Remember more.

If you are reading this, you probably are trying to find a way to increase your brain‘s power. As it is, studies have shown that we merely use a fraction of our brain’s capacity.

as suggested above, a great way to increase cognitive function is through neuroplasticity. This is the phenomenal attribute that the brain possess, which allows it to grow, adapt and reorganize itself over time.

Increasing Physical activity is a sure fire way to help your brain create neural pathways i.e connections between fields and subjects.

for example soccer players speak multiple languages , they would be transferred to different countries and they learn the language in a relatively short period of time. However, the interesting point here in that they did not go to school for it.

some will argue it is the environment that is responsible for this process, while it may play a critical role, the extreme physical activity plays a capital role into allowing the individual to learn faster and retain more.

Think of the brain as a super computer , the harder you push it , the more it does.( not literally) . While performing more intense physical exercise will yield in a faster and better performance, however any basic level of physical activity will jump start the process, such as walking , speed walking , jogging , biking and things of that Nature.